3 D pen in Waterloo Street, Central Singapore for sale

3 D pen
3 D pen
3 D pen
3 D pen

Product Parameters:
Extrusion : hot melt extrusion molding accumulation
Forming: three-dimensional shape
Print Range : indefinite
Spinning speed : Adjustable
Heating temperature in the range :160- 250 degrees Adjustable
Device operating voltage : 12V 3A
Nozzle :0.4-0 .7 mm
Second, Interested groups:
Painters, product designers , hobbyists , children, students, etc.
Third, the design highlights:
1 .Prolonged use doesn't cause FLAC fatigue.
2 The product is lightweight design: a slim (easy to handle) design . Currently on the market there are several 3D stereoscopic pen, but they are not very comfortable to use i.e bulky, heavy weight, is not conducive to hold control operation. We believe that the design is the closest you can get to USER-Friendly requirements and anti fatigue. Meet the needs of children , students and adults.
3 Control: . For some of the design and operation of three-dimensional defects pen on the market , we believe our pen provides users to operate when arbitrary. Unfortunately, however, the current products on the market , have no speed control function , or have a simple switch for speed dial , or even just the speed control switch as an ornament, no practical purpose. Even if there is a file with a speed dial , you must advance or use your other hand to control . You lose the true meaning of the design. We have had practice and exploration and after much research our design includes added variable speed feature, you can freely control it according to the hand speed , allowing users in the creation of real time three-dimensional painting done most practically and with ease.
4 heating coil and a nozzle cartridge design . In the development stage, we compared the purchase of several products on the market and found these products in the strict sense, is a failure of design , in terms of appearance and use , most importantly, the future users of the product during the replacement of wearing parts and maintenance of great distress . If the heating coil burned out, or nozzle clogging , the user must own bare hands to break up the replacement of the entire product , and deadly is unreasonable due to internal design , users can often open later and then put back . It took three or four hundred or even six or seven hundred to buy back, as long as the bad results would lead to a part failure. This is intolerable by any user . We then optimized based on the improved design defect . Heating coil and the nozzle is integrated cartridge design , just push the button snaps, users can remove themselves necrosis heating coil and nozzles carry plug replacement. Without guidance or manufacturers or distributors to return to re- repair. To users, dealers, manufacturers reduce unnecessary trouble ;
5,The temperature adjustable design . Similarly, we find autopsy on the market for only several print pen : the temperature is fixed design , which gives the user tries to use without melting point of drawing supplies a great deal of distress. The real product , need more consideration for users . So we opened up the temperature regulation. Users can adjust itself depending on the supplies to reach the ideal temperature. This is very important when you are using filaments, such as wood filament or flexible filament which respond differently to temperature difference.
6. Intelligent standby- functional design.When the user operates the midway break or forget to turn off the power , the product will automatically be converted to standby mode after 5 minutes . Heaters will stop working. Users just beginning to be triggered again heating . Avoid operating the way many users forget to turn off the power after leaving the result in potential danger.
Fourth, the product packing list :
A 3D stereoscopic printing pen
A 12V 3A Power Adapter
3 free filaments (ABS) 10g each
Manual 1 (in English )
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